Thanks for your interest in commissioning me to make a custom prop replica for you! While I would love to take on every project inquiry I receive, I am just a one-man operation and can only accept a few commissions a year dependant on size and detail. Due to the large volume of requests that come in, I will only be able to respond to commission emails for projects that I can accommodate in my schedule.

If you’d like to discuss a custom commission, please fill out the form in the contact page here:. Not sure how much a commission might cost? That is a great question! While a gun or mask at a local or online shop may run $30-50, I cannot compete with low production cost of cheaper overseas mass produced work, and on the main my pieces have much more detail or have sort of interactive addition.

When emailing to request a commission quote, please be aware that some of my work is the result of many of hours of build time combined with an equal investment in material expenses.

On some projects, I have had over 100 hours of labor invested in their creation. It’s a pretty standard amount of work for something like a helmet sculpt and mold, but it isn’t just the time it takes, with a lot of mass produced stuff, the companies buy materials in bulk and spread the cost out across hundreds or even thousands of units, bringing the individual unit cost down quite considerably. Whilst I endeavour to get the best price on materials without buying low quality, the end cost of materials is mostly a considerable amount of the cost of the replica.

I hope these figures might start to give you a vague idea of the time and cost involved in some of these replicas.

When I provide a quote, you can rest assured that it represents the best price I can provide for the best work I am capable of.

I will continue to make the most accurate replicas I can produce, and there are a few examples of my current work for you to look at in my gallery page and my Facebook page.

If you choose to go forward and commission a piece, you will love it. I have yet to deliver a replica to anyone who hasn’t.

For inquiries regarding Pipboy3000’s: I am not taking any orders for duplicates and have no intention of repeating those projects in the near future as I do not like to repeat projects, especially a production line of 20+ units.

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