Welcome to the home of Wasted Props

Bringing the wasteland to you

Wasted Props is a one-man workshop specialising in replicas of video game, fantasy, and real-world props.

Whether it be for a wall decoration, a shed ornament or a cosplay accessory Wasted Props has all of your needs catered for. From replicas of video game, fantasy, and real-world props to costumes, helmets, and replica weapons, your dream to own your very own piece of history can be realized. A combination of custom commissions and builder chosen works are available for order or purchase.

Enjoy viewing the gallery of past and present works or contact me if you are interested in my works.

Nuka Cola Fridge
Nuka Cola Fridge: rewired and rodded to replicate the iconic Nuka Cola.
Fridges from Fallout 3
fridge for sale
New Vegas Sign
New Vegas light up sign (1/3rd scale): this sign is mains powered.
Lights up and flickers like an old neon sign.
sign for sale