About Us - Wasted Props

Wasted Props is a one-man workshop specialising in replicas of video game, fantasy, and real-world props.

I started making props when I was around the age of 10, Using old junk and scraps of wood and metal, I created a couple of crappy sparring lightsabres from star wars with blades made from old golf stick shafts. Battling for the greater good against my brothers. I then stepped up to an equally crappy Boba Fett suit and a few other home-made costumes and weapons.

A few years on, and I was building more realistic rifles and shotguns from the common scrap. Then I took a 6-7 year break.

Until just recently, the tools have been laying dormant until I came across the Fallout World. Falling in love with the post apocalyptic 1950s post nuclear war, it re-ignited the DIY demon inside me and has brought me to where I am now.

Since that first step into (the very basic world) of props, I've tried to expand my knowledge and skills, to hopefully down the track build sellable items. I hope that my work will help to inspire others to take the plunge and tackle some projects of their own.

If you like my work, become a fan! and find my page on facebook: www.facebook.com/WastedProps

I try to update as much as possible. Jason